Director: Buster Keaton
Production Company: Metro Pictures Corporation
Release Date: April 21, 1924

The projectionist and janitor in a small-town movie theater longs to be a master detective and win the heart of a local girl but is framed for theft by a conniving rival suitor and banished. Heartbroken, Buster returns to work and falls asleep, dreaming himself into the movie where he unravels the thievery and brings the scoundrel to justice as the great detective Sherlock Jr. This new score for one of the funniest films in cinematic history was originally commissioned by the Dallas Chamber Symphony.

Instrumentation / Technical Details:
Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, 1 or 2 Pianos, Percussion, String Quartet, Double Bass
*Multiple Versions Available

Year: 2014
Duration: 45 minutes

For performance inquiries or other questions, please contact us here.

Sherlock Jr i. Overture

Sherlock Jr. xiv. Life Imitates Art

Sherlock Jr. xiii. Saving The Day

Sherlock Jr. ix. Into A Dream

Sherlock Jr. vii. Shadow Your Man

Concert Photos

“His score…hits every gesture or glance with just the correct musical poke. A film that is already a masterpiece was enhanced by Marks’ score.”

– Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, 3/5/14

“…a solidly tonal score capturing the whimsicality and optimism of the 1920s but with occasional surprises aimed at the 21st century audience.”

– Wayne Lee Gay, D Magazine – Front Row 3/4/14